Friday, 21 January 2011

Latest Peeko Workshops and News

The new workshop programme has been announced! 
crochet wire bracelets

Click on the image above to be taken to the full list. 

Things have been very busy lately. The new website has been taking over a lot of my time (I have been working ridiculous hours to get it to a good state). It is definitely worth it though. The new focus and look is so much better than I could have hoped it was going to be. I have been dreaming in html code though a little. ;)
I still need to add some more content, like FAQs, more testimonials (if anyone has anything they would like to say, now is the time to do it), and a press page. Not to mention, photographing and inputting more products. Overall though, it is a working website, that I think is easy enough to navigate around (please do le me know if something doesn't work or if you have any feedback).  

It's Finger Crochet Hats tomorrow, (one of my absolute favourite workshops) so I need to start to get things organised for it.  The biggest decision is what to bake for it! ;)  I'm toying with the idea of mini cakes (like fairy cakes) some with a vanilla cream frosting and others with a chocolate cream frosting. I know, pretty predictable flavours, but you can't really go wrong with vanilla or chocolate. I have lots of lovely new chunky wool for the workshop too, and I have had to restrain myself from making things with it - it's just so  lovely! :)

I guess I should probably get back to work - it's amazing, I usually find it difficult to write blog posts, but when I have hardly no time to write, I end up wanting to write a post that trails on and on. 
Oh well!

Happy Friday! 
Denise x

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