Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sunshine crochet

I'm all for crochet on the go at any time and it being summer and hot has not put me off crocheting by any means - who says you need to crochet warm clothing?!  I make the most of the summery weather by bringing my crochet projects with me wherever I go - on the train, to the park, to the pub. Nothing beats sitting in the shade in the park or outside the pub with some nice light weight yarn, hook in hand, making stitch after stitch. Time is relaxed and breezy on afternoons like this.

Summertime is the perfect time to concentrate on crochet accessories and smaller projects. I'm currently making jewellery - earrings and a necklace.

It is also the perfect time to crochet flowers.  Crochet flowers are perfect for embellishing all manner of items, as well as sewing them together to make bracelets and necklaces.  At the moment, I am also crocheting my sister's wedding bouquet! (pics to follow).
Summer is also the ideal time to make amigurumi. I just love Cute Design's Amigurumi Black Penguin on MyEhive - what better way to cool down in summer than making a chilled little penguin.  There are so many cute little amigurumis that you could make, you should have no problem keeping busy all summer long. :)

So you see it's easy to continue to crochet during the sunshiny days - just choose something light weight (no-one wants to be buried under a half-made afghan in the heat of summer) and keep on crocheting.
If after reading this, you're thinking - 'I wish I could crochet' or 'I wish I could crochet more flowers or amigurumi', why not come to a workshop and learn how! Get in touch for more information.

Enjoy the weather (while it lasts) and get those crochet hooks back out of hiding.
Denise x


BabyFeet said...

Great post! I love crocheting but in the summer just can't stand to make anything big because it just makes me too hot to have all that yarn in my lap. So, I've been crocheting thread baby bonnets, headbands and barrettes like a mad woman since the heat hit! ;^)

Roisin Muldoon said...

The little flower looks great - I'll have to have a go at doing one myself!

Peeko said...

Thanks BabyFeet! Yes baby crochet is perfect in summer, small and quick to make, very satisfying! (and not too warm!) :)

Thanks Roisin! Do let me know how you get on, I'd love to see pics! :)