Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Happy coincidence

I've taken a little deviation from crochet today to make a special father's day card for my dad.  It took me ages to think of something interesting to put on the card - shifting from a drawing to random scraps of paper making a patchwork-like picture on the front.  Eventually I decided that because I am so far away from him, that I would take a photo of me holding a sign that said 'Happy Father's Day" and stick it on a card with some embellishments. 

I have some very masculine looking paper stock, so armed with a pencil and my craft knife I set to work.  I drew out all of the letters first, then started to cut them out. Seven letters later, I was beginning to arrange them on my white paper sign and this is what I saw:

I love that this is when I noticed! Being Irish, I don't call my father dad or daddy, I call him da. :)  This little happy coincidence has made me smile so much that I'm tempted to send the card with it saying "Happy Da". Although maybe I'll just send da here to see the post instead. :)
I'm delighted that I didn't give in and buy a pre-made card that would fail to capture the correct sentiment. Handmade is always much better and I would not be so smiley now if I hadn't spent this time making for my da. 
I hope there are lots of happy da's about this weekend. :)

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