Sunday, 6 December 2009

Handm@de Cambridge and the week to come :)

I was at Handm@de Cambridge yesterday and am thrilled at how it went.  :)
It was a really nice day, everyone was lovely, organisers, exhibitors and the public!  :)
My Necklac'd went down very well.  :)   It was refreshing to hear such lovely comments about my work and get such great feedback, it has spurred me on to create even more lovely crochet goodies.  :)

On a seperate note, I have a busy week ahead of me:  Workshops at C.O.W this week (crochet fingerless gloves on Thursday!!), then Handmade at the Custard Factory on Saturday.  I have to fit paperwork and making in too.  I should be okay though, I love what I'm doing!  :)

I think I may just be able to squeeze in some making before dinner... maybe some fingerless gloves in preparation for Thursday...  Then the Christmas decorations go up!  :)


Rosie said...

Wish I'd been able to go; I work just round the corner, but that's just the problem: I work every Saturday. So glad that it went well.

Peeko said...

It is a pity you couldn't come along, there was lots of lovely handmade things to look at. :)
Maybe next time...
Hope you are well :)